Offline vs. Online Marketing: Small Business Marketing

Offline vs. Online Marketing: Small Business Marketing

This post is dedicated to helping you small and local business out there, by discussing these terms, Offline and Online Marketing, as both do exist, and everyone has its advantages, but writing Offline vs. Online Marketing intends to show you the advantage the one has over the other, and if both are to be undertaken, which to focus more.



Offline vs. Online Marketing, the terms

Both Online and Offline Marketing are potential to our business, Offline marketing being regarded as traditional marketing, as since marketing inception, its channels and strategies have been in use. Online marketing just emerged in internet age; hence online marketing is a result of technological advancement, which is always development from the raw/low.


Offline vs. Online Marketing channels and strategies

Both offline and online marketing have marketing channels and strategies. Some of the channels mostly used are;


Offline Marketing                              Online Marketing

Radio                                                                                      Website

Television                                                                                Search Engine Optimization

Billboards                                                                               Content Marketing

Magazines                                                                              Social Media Marketing

Newspapers                                                                           E-mail marketing

Brochures                                                                               Blogging


Guys now we have seen mostly used channels in both Strategies, now let’s focus on the advantages that every strategy has to offer to our business. The advantages every marketer should get, whether is online or offline.


Cost Effective Solution, offline vs. online marketing

Guys as we all understand, we always work under strict budget, hence looking for cost effective solution is our priority. Now let’s look which is coast effective strategy, offline vs. online marketing.

One of the reasons why many people and business have chosen online marketing over offline marketing is its cost effective, which gives the user flexibility and better budget management. Look, as every business that needs to be online has to have a website, search engine optimization which will assure us the higher ranking in search results is almost free of charge if the business owners are ready to learn compared to TV commercials, radio or feature in a newspaper.

But again, if you are taking internet advertising, like the one from google, Pay per Click, will save you money than the one you can promote on TV and you can’t monitor the actual lead or conversion.


Result Monitoring, Offline vs. Online marketing

Guys now let’s look which strategy is direct to results, and which one whose results can be monitored. Online marketing is more result oriented guys, as when you take action in search engine optimization, you will observe the increase of traffic and the ranking of your website. Features like Google Analytics in Google ads also will show you the real analysis of your online advertising campaign.

You cannot compare this to Newspapers for example, as someone can buy it, but not look at any advertisement, and whether he does, you can’t monitor if any action followed.


Action Oriented, offline vs. online marketing

Guys look at another wonderful but interesting fact about these strategies. When you place your ad on TV, Radio or Newspapers, your business will lay behind those who promote online.

As when something is on internet, after its impression to the potential customer, the following action may be clicking through the link, and possibly the successful lead, if they make purchase. Now think, what about offline?


Measurability vs. supposition, offline vs. online marketing

Look at another interesting comparison between offline and online marketing. When we market online, its measurable guys, as you can understand the real figures concerning, the daily visits, time spent, pages visited and actions, and if you are paying for clicks in Google ads, you will measure the clicks and conversion it brings to your website.

But It’s all about supposition when we market offline. You place your ad on TV or Radio; you can’t estimate the number of views or listeners. You just have to assume it will make effects to your business.


Long Term Effect, Offline vs Online marketing

When you market your business online, there is an added advantage of long term exposure, and long term effects to your business. Look, your website when is full optimized, it will rank higher in search engine, and only you will have to produce regular relevant posts to the search engine and customers, and you will be there for a long time.

Also look, it’s possible for any internet user to search for information that was posted some years back, that means your business can be found online easily than it can be offline, let say if your business is advertised on TV, you stop paying, your airtime stops and the impression stops.

Local business owners, in this post we wanted to highlight to you the advantages of online marketing over offline marketing. It’s our hope that this post makes you more eager to take action and your business may dominate the internet.

Lead Generation Marketing For Your MLM Opportunity

The World Wide Web has not only changed the way people run their companies but it has also played a major role in influencing the methods used by network marketers (MLM) to generate leads for businesses.

Lead Generation Marketing For Your MLM Opportunity

Many network marketers try to draw people to their niche of business by the use of hype rather than lead generation marketing, and even though this is not considered to be a professional way of going about things, they continue to do it, simply because it works. Shown below are a few ways where business leads can be generated for your MLM opportunity without incurring any cost whatsoever.

Possessing knowledge of the fundamental skills of how to generate leads is likely to bring you success in a big way. You will use several handy tips about the lead generation to take your career even further when you grow to be efficient in the network marketing field and eventually become hunted by others. Lead generation is more effectual when you are talented enough to create an open opt-in the list and then continue to supply more tips of a practical nature along with information for your list.

When lead generation marketing companies attempt to sell their MLM opportunity leads to you, they are often uninterested or do not have the correct resources available to them to begin a new business in network marketing. Quite a few of the lead generation for business tips will help you to avoid such problems and ensure that you will draw more serious clued-up prospects.

The first step is to make a list of network marketers and business contacts of the market you intend to target and provide them with vital information to help build their important program. The purpose of this exercise is to create a good relationship with them and make sure they are in the know about any changes which may be about to take place which will help when building up a successful business.

The next part of the process is to advertise what you have on offer, this is what good lead generation marketing is all about. There is no such thing as too much advertising. Your customers are sure to spot your advertisements and tell their friends about you which in turn will bring you even more business in the long term.

You may want to try writing articles about your MLM opportunity service and this is another excellent way to get noticed. When writing articles you are given the opportunity to explain yourself in a complete and thorough way and get your message across to the reader very easily. By the use of exaggeration on a given topic, you will be able to target your audience, those which you specifically want to sit up and take notice.

If you feel that lead generation marketing this way of working is just not for you, then another option you could take would be to set up a blog. This may well be better than writing articles as it will come up when people carry out a search on the Internet and will be viewable to anyone who is interested in your particular MLM opportunity niche.

Lead generation marketing is misunderstood in the UK and worldwide. Finding the best MLM opportunity home based business lead and network marketing business opportunity can be a simple process.

Why do I need Search Engines Optimization and Copywriting Services?

Why do I need Search Engines Optimization and Copywriting Services?


Search Engines Optimization (SEO)
Creating a website is only one step in marketing your business online. Once it is created, you need to tell the Internet how to find it. Search Engine Optimization is vital in getting found on Google and Bing. However, like most business owners, we have only so much time dedicated to the continuous marketing of their website. These business owners rely on the expertise of those providing SEO.

We are a full-service web design and SEO company. We can handle the website design changes, link building campaigns, social network marketing and local search directories to achieve an organic SEO and increase your search engine results page ranking (or SERPS).


How will you establish your business online?
It is irresponsible to ignore this these numbers and an uphill battle to successfully market to them. The only way to increase your online web traffic is to get targeted traffic to your website presence. There are many ways to do this and each way comes with its own challenges. However, without SEO to your website–your website goes unnoticed and unvisited. Without traffic, that means no customers/visitors, no orders or profits.

So what should businesses do? Hire a result-oriented SEO company with affordable and effective ways to increase targeted traffic to your website.


Professional Copywriting Services
A beautiful, eye-catching design grabs everyone’s attention, but words captivate them and turn them into buyers. Without quality, buyer-driven copywriting a superb design won’t manage a second glance. It’s not just about how you look, but what you say.

Whether it’s another business or a consumer, everyone makes the decision to buy based on benefits. By exploring the benefits you offer your patrons you’ll have copied from us that turns potential customers into genuine clientele – from web copy to brochure copy, and everything in between.

We know you’re busy, and we know you want what’s best for your business. That’s why we partners with Gloria Russel at No. 2 Pen to provide clients with top-notch copywriting. For an affordable price and an invaluable convenience, Gloria will work directly with you to assess your marketing goals and complete a simple competitive analysis. Together, you will decide how best to position your business through web content, direct mail, email newsletters, and more.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a copywriter, trust us when we say No. 2 Pen will improve the quality of your marketing. Don’t hesitate to outsource this ever important aspect of your business.

Lessons in Digital Marketing from Barack Obama

Lessons in Digital Marketing from Barack Obama

I think we can all say that the internet has sufficiently changed the way we interact with the rest of the world. But just how pivotal is the web in shaping our lives? A recently published article from Wired magazine announced today that presidential candidate Barack Obama’s Democratic nomination for President was mainly due to his online campaign. The web is such a vital communication tool today that it is credited with shaping the future of our country.

In response to this, I questioned what we can learn from Senator Obama and his online strategy. Why is his site so successful in driving his campaign while other candidates lack this degree of web presence?

Initially, my research took me to Some early observations…

When you type in, it immediately brings you to the donations landing page, prompting users to donate, but also leaving a clear link to skip donating and go to the homepage.

The design is very sophisticated, yet conveys a clear message to users.

On each page, Obama thanks his supporters. Saying thank you is the easiest way to connect with your users.

On the homepage, there are clear “donate now” and “get involved” links that have surely been key to the Senator’s online success.

Compared to Obama’s website, Senator Hillary Clinton’s site ( is a bit less clean in design but does have large buttons for donations and comments. There is a remarkable amount of information presented on the homepage that may confuse the user, more than encourage them.

When compared to all the rest, Obama’s is the first Internet-based campaign to win mainstream success. His online donor base consists of about 1.5 million, one-third of which also belong to his social network site His campaign also includes opt-in mobile marketing, video content, a blog, an e-commerce site for Obama merchandise, and accounts with 16 other social networks (compared to Hillary’s 6 social networks). And according to, Obama’s site has pulled in 35,313 followers to date, making Obama’s account the third most popular twitter ever.

So what can we learn from Obama’s online success? I can safely say that a clean, professional, and polished design as well as highly organized information architecture goes a long way in connecting with users. It’s also vital to use your homepage as one site that brings together all your other communication vehicles. We’ll have to wait until the elections to see if a great website can make all the difference.

What’s in a Brand?

I was recently reminded of the inherent value of a brand name when my son asked me about a curious logo (depending on your age, you may remember a certain amphibian that had gone from prominent to passé, and from there to wholesale obscurity buried in a much larger product portfolio, only to be resuscitated by new owners as an upscale brand).  But why would anyone pay for an established, albeit out of favor brand?

What’s in a Brand?

As I explained to my son, leveraging an existing brand is easier and cheaper than introducing a new brand – although that does not mean that it doesn’t come with its’ own challenges.  Weighing the economic efficiency offered by an existing brand platform against the established audience expectations can help you to clarify the true value of, in this case, repurposing an existing brand.


  1. Is the brand attributes consistent with your new product offering?
  2. Is there any overlap, whether in your intended audience or the distribution network that will provide you with any efficiencies?
  3. Do brands matter within your product space?


Whether working with a client in an early stage technology market or in a more mature sector, it is always helpful to understand the relationship between the intended audience, the brand and the end product/service. Think about when the old Packard-Bell name was bought and utilized years later for a low-end line of PC’s.

Until that line of branded low-quality PC’s failed.  Simply having a brand that people have heard of isn’t the same thing as having a quality offering and a brand that is perceived as valuable by your audience.  The closer the correlation between your audience’s objectives and the top-level brand attributes associated with your brand, the more valuable the brand – and the more mileage we can get with it on your website.